4 Indoor Activities For Kids During Social Distancing

Indoor Activities For Kids

During the social distancing in this pandemic, we’re stuck indoors and might tend to stress. We don’t know when this craziness will be done but there is no time to get bored. So, here we go for four indoor activities that make you an opportunity to bond as a family and make sweet memories with the kids.

4 Indoor Activities During Social Distancing

When you’re stuck inside, there is a way to get off your bored and make you busy enough to realize what’s going on right now. For kids, these indoor activities might be enjoyable. It is the most creative idea and not for kids only, actually. So, here we go.

1. Puppet Show

It would be like an old school style in which you need any sock drawer and other craft materials. Make faces of lovable characters with your kids. Then, push the coach to make a perfect stage for your private show. Have your kids find the storyline and make them more creative.

2. Tie-Dye Party

For making the dye, you can follow the directions. Meanwhile, you will need some kitchen gloves, a couple of boxes of different colored, and white t-shirts. Have the kids grab that t-shirt and bind them with rubber hands in different spots.

3. Talent Show

Just like a puppet show, you can make your children get involved by letting them find what they really want to be. It is a talent show and you are a judge here. Fill it with creative activities such as showing off what the kids learned at piano lessons, hear their telling story, and make a stage with full effect by using a lamp, glowing in the dark theme, or best music audio.

4. House Picnic

Last but not least, you can have a picnic role play in your house. Get your picnic pax and sit with the children in your backyard. Serve them with Royal Danisa Cookies, Bread Rolls, Milk, and an Almond Stick who make all of you like a Danish Royal Family.

Have the best idea for indoor activities during social distancing?

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